Lift Station & Pump Services in Hastings, FL

Businesses and commercial facilities in Hastings need reliable lift stations to get rid of sewage and wastewater effectively. Proper care and maintenance are essential to avoid problems like lift station failures, sewage backups, and spills. Our team at DG Lift Station Services can help.

We offer lift station inspections, cleaning, and repairs throughout Hastings and Florida’s First Coast. With over 40 years of experience, skilled, professional plumbers, and 24-hour emergency service, you can count on us for exceptional customer service and quality.

Is the lift station at your commercial facility malfunctioning or sounding an alarm? Call DG Lift Station today at (904) 990-1617 or contact us online for expert help from our team anywhere in Hastings or the surrounding communities.

24/7 Emergency Lift Station Services in Hastings

Lift stations must run 24 hours a day to process waste, which means they can fail at the most unexpected times. When you need fast help with lift station problems in Hastings or St. Johns County, call our team at DG Lift Station. We are here to help anytime you need us with 24/7 emergency lift station services.

To schedule emergency lift station services in Hastings or the surrounding areas, call (904) 990-1617 immediately.

Signs You Need Emergency Lift Station Services

To avoid downtime, backups, or spills at your facility, call our team for lift station repairs as soon as you notice any of the following issues:

  • The alarm is sounding: When the lift station is too full, the pump has failed, or other problems have occurred, the lift station may sound an alarm to alert you to the problem.
  • The pump is not working: The pump may fail to start due to a pump screen that is clogged, an impeller that is filled with debris, a tripped breaker, or a faulty pump motor.
  • Drains are slow or clogged: When your lift station is full of grease, fat, baby wipes, paper towels, or other foreign debris, it can prevent drains from operating correctly or even cause a backup.
  • Foul odors: Abnormal smells near your drains can indicate that your lift station is clogged or backing up.
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What To Expect

Monthly Lift Station Inspections

Lift station problems can disrupt the operation of your facility and lead to costly repairs. To keep your chances of failure to a minimum, sign up for monthly lift station inspections from expert plumbers at DG Lift Station. We will evaluate your entire system for problems and recommend the best repair options for your budget. The benefits of our lift station inspections include:

  • Spotting problems early that could lead to a failure
  • Fewer service calls and repairs
  • Determining when your next cleaning should be to avoid clogs
  • Maximizing the service life of your lift station, pumps, valves, and more

Contact us online or call (904) 990-1617 to sign up for monthly lift station inspections anywhere in the Hastings area.

Lift Station Cleaning Services in Hastings, FL

Between the grease, waste, soap, and more typically found in a lift station, plus foreign debris like paper towels, wipes, or hygiene products, regular cleanings are crucial to avoid clogs, backups, and other problems. At DG Lift Station, our skilled technicians offer lift station cleanings in Hastings and the rest of St. Johns County. We will remove foreign debris, clean the basin, pump, and floats, and leave your lift station operating as smoothly as possible. Plus, we will clean up the mess and leave no debris behind.

Call us at (904) 990-1617 or schedule cleaning services for your commercial facility online today.

Lift Station Repairs for Hastings Businesses

If you need help with your lift station in Hastings, call our team at DG Lift Station right away. We have over 40 service crews working in the First Coast region, and we feature fully stocked service trucks for fast lift station repairs. Our team can solve your most challenging lift station problems, from faulty controls or damaged floats to pump or valve failures.

For expert lift station repairs any time you need them in the Hastings area, call (904) 990-1617 or contact us online.

Choose DG Lift Station for Expert Service in Hastings

Since 1983, our company has been helping Florida businesses like hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and apartment complexes with all their lift station needs. We feature a skilled, professional team, upfront pricing, and free estimates on all our lift station services. Our experts are happy to answer any questions, and we offer honest advice about your repair options.

Call (904) 990-1617 today or contact us online for lift station services you can count on in Hastings or St. Johns County.

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